Motability at PDH

Finding A Motability Vehicle To Suit You:

PDH Motor Group is your local Motability Partner, providing adaptable cars for road users in Sussex.

Motability Service Status Update

We are still accommodating Motability, however we are not able to fulfil lease car work. If you a motability customer we will take your details and booking needs and get back to you with the earliest possible date when we can accommodate you. Contact us for more information.

Discover greater independence and mobility with the right Motability vehicle to suit your needs. Whether you need an accessible car to fit the whole family, or a small city car, use your mobility allowance to go towards your ideal vehicle.

Getting your new Motability car in Sussex is easy. Simply find the right car for you by browsing our Motability Offers at PDH. You’ll find a range of available car adaptations to help you with things like stowing a wheelchair, or getting in and out. Once you’ve chosen your car, simply get in touch to place your order and our Motability Specialists will take care of the rest for you.

What is Motability?

Motability is a scheme put in place to help disabled people get around. Motability helps disabled individuals to use their mobility allowance to get them mobile, whether that be by leasing a new car, or getting a scooter or powered wheelchair. The Motability Scheme allows eligible recipients to choose a new car every three years. The scheme includes insurance, servicing, RAC breakdown assistance, car tax and windscreen repairs. If you are unsure whether you are eligible for the scheme, you can check with Motability’s free and easy tool.

Am I Eligible?

If you receive an eligible benefit then you can transfer all or part of your mobility allowance straight towards Motability, in return for a fantastic car that works for you. Eligible benefits include:

Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance

Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment

Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP)

War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement (WPMS)

Parents & Guardians of Children Over 3 Years Old Receiving DLA

Motability Cars in Sussex

PDH Cars offers a range of Fiat, Abarth, Jeep and Alfa-Romeo new cars, all of which are available under the Motability Scheme, at our showroom, based in Hassocks, West Sussex. Because having a disability shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on style when it comes to your car. That’s why we provide you with an award-winning range of versatile, roomy and stylish vehicles for you to choose from.

Fiat Brand Black

Choose from one of our manufacturers, Fiat, Abarth, Alfa Romeo or Jeep, to find out more about the different models you can choose from. To arrange a viewing or speak to our expert team about the Motability Scheme contact our Motability specialist Josh on 01273 845544.

Current Models Available On Motability:

How it works

What’s Included?

You’ll get the whole package! Motability covers breakdown, servicing, MOT and insurance costs  – you only have to get the fuel. You’ll be entitled to any previously agreed upon modifications, replacement locks if your keys are stolen, personal accident cover up to £5,000 and a temporary replacement car if yours is stolen or damaged. More about what’s included in your Motability lease package here, or get in touch.


Adaptations are what make Motability vehicles easier to use, and help tailor your car exactly to your needs. Adaptations can be made to help you drive, get in and out or to accommodate any equipment you may need. These adaptations include driving controls, swivel chairs, transfer plates and hoists, as well boot or roof hoists.

Check Eligibility

Motability eligibility depends upon the mobility benefit you are entitled to, but covers a broad range of needs. Check out the list of eligible benefits above and get in touch with our team if you have any questions or requests.

Motability FAQs

You’ll get a brand new vehicle along with:

  • Most adaptations (some may require an additional cost)
  • Insurance
  • Breakdown assistance
  • Service and Maintenance (with free collection and delivery for our Motability Customers – please let us know when you book)
  • Window and windscreen repair or replacement when required
  • Replacement tyres

Many cars will be completely covered by your allowance. However, you can pay an additional cost as an Advance Payment for extra adaptations, to get something that’s most suitable for you. It’s important you love your new car, so we’ll always do our best to help you find the best vehicle to suit your personal needs and budget.

Your Motability vehicle can be used for commuting to and from work by you or your spouse. Your motability car must be used by, or for the benefit of, the disabled person. However, this person does not have to be in the car for every journey or necessarily be a named driver. If the car is being used to generally benefit the receiver of the Motability allowance, for example commuting to a job that generates household income, then you should be fine. Only drivers listed on the Certificate of Motor Insurance can drive the vehicle. Get in touch with our team if you are unsure.

The Motability Advance Payment is an additional payment, presented upfront, that covers any car that is a higher spec than your weekly allowance covers. Motability Advance Payments are non-refundable and are not the same as a deposit. You may wish to take advantage of this option if you would like an adapted vehicle that is over the budget of your Motability allowance.

If this doesn’t sound like something that would work for your budget, don’t worry. Motability estimate that there are around 450 cars available with no Advance Payment requirements, while some cost even less than your weekly allowance leaving you to spend the remainder how you please. Some Motability customers may also be eligible for help towards the cost of an Advance Payment. Chat to our Motability experts to learn more about your options.

Yes, you may still be eligible for a car on the Motability scheme, even if you don’t drive yourself. The vehicle must be used for the main benefit of the disabled person transferring their mobility allowance to the Motability Scheme, meaning that you can nominate family members or carers as primary or additional drivers. If your child is aged 3 years or above and receives the eligible benefits, as their parent or carer you can also apply on their behalf.

Motability adaptations can be made to suit your individual needs, from helping you drive, assistance getting in and out or accommodating any equipment you may use. These adaptations include driving controls, swivel chairs, transfer plates and hoists, as well boot or roof hoists.

The Motability scheme – Motability Operations Ltd – will receive the four weekly payments straight from your allowance provider, to make paying simple and stress free.