Electric Cars

Electric cars are, to many of us, an intriguing but intimidating concept.


But the good news is, electric cars and their hybrid plugin-in siblings could actually make your life a lot easier and a lot cheaper. Thanks to a small plethora of government grants and low upkeep costs, there are plenty of financial incentives to invest in an electric car. And whether you’re looking for something sturdy to ferry the whole family around in, or something sleek for the city, there are more options available than you might realise!

Five Great Reasons to Switch to an Electric Car:

1. Emissions & the Environment


Minimising your vehicle’s consumption of fossil fuels with hybrids and cutting them out altogether with electric cars reduces emissions which is not only a saving grace for the environment, but for your health too. Electric cars are one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transport, because they release far fewer emissions into the atmosphere than other vehicles.


2. More Cost Effective


In comparison to petrol and diesel fuelled vehicles, electric cars are relatively low cost to run. Installing a charger into your home can cost under £500 but if you don’t fancy making that investment, there are apps like ZapMap and Plugshare that allow you to see nearby charging points, wherever you are. The Government’s Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) is also there to help you with a possible grant of up to 75% towards the installation of electric charge points at domestic properties. Some figures estimate that electric vehicles can cost as little as 4p per mile to run, whilst charging up at home can cost a mere £2.50. And it doesn’t end there, newly registered electric vehicles will be exempt from car tax until 2030.


3. Up-To-Date Connectivity/Technology


Because of their futuristic nature, electric and hybrid models tend to feature the latest in upcoming technologies, before fuel powered vehicles. As many car manufacturer’s latest models hybrid and electric vehicles tend to be at the forefront of technological advancement and design. Far from being difficult to operate, these features are designed to keep you connected and are often better integrated into your life to be more convenient than ever.


4. Performance


The clean associations with electric vehicles might not seem synonymous with what appeals to many car lovers (they’re called petrol-heads for a reason!). However, electric cars can offer performance benefits that traditionally powered vehicles aren’t capable of. For example, the ability to instantly deliver high levels of torque. Equally, choosing a hybrid option like the Jeep Renegade 4xe, combines the benefit of eco-friendly electric powered drives for everyday uses, with a full 240hp engine for longer journeys.


5. Style


Making the transition to an electric vehicle doesn’t have to mean betraying a brand you love either. Many companies have borrowed from their heritage to deliver redesigned versions of iconic models, serving up an exciting combination of the familiarly classic and attractively modern. The all electric new Fiat 500 Prima is a perfect example of this.

Best Electric Cars to Buy In Sussex

Best Small Electric Car: Fiat 500 Electric


The new Fiat 500 Electric is Fiat’s most modern manifestation of the iconic 500. Designed for the next decade, the new 500 Electric has everything you love about the classic model, electrified with a few updates to make it a car to drive into the future with. (link) The 500 Electric range offers fast charging capabilities, boasting 30 miles worth of power in 5 minutes. This car also comes in four different models, the 500: Icon, Passion, Action and La Prima, so you can choose the perfect version for you. La Prima Cabrio gains its name by being the first all-electric convertible car available to buy.

If you’re a Fiat fan, this might be the best small electric car on the market. Learn more about this smart and compact electric vehicle.

Best Electric 4×4 Car: Jeep Renegade 4xe


If you’re looking for something a little bigger, or perhaps better suited to the countryside then the Jeep Renegade 4xe ‘Dual Soul’ hybrid answer. Jeep’s pioneering spirit has been reborn and reimagined but never compromised in the 4xe that offers an enhanced driving experience with lower emissions. With the benefits of a 4-wheel drive and up to 26 miles of zero Co2 emissions on the road whilst driving in full electric mode, the Jeep 4xe hybrid boasts up to 240 hp and reaches full charge in just 2 hours.

Best Small SUV Electric Car: Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept


Looking towards the future, Alfa Romeo promises exciting things on the horizon with their Tonale, which won What Car? Readers Choice award 2021. The Alfa Romeo Tonale is a small hybrid SUV that combines power and luxury with the classic and beloved Alfa Romeo design and finesse.Contact our team to learn more.

Use A Comparison Calculator


Buying electric does mean an initial investment which will pay off over time. Electric cars are an investment into the future, not only because they signal the way that vehicle design is heading, but also because their low emissions are kinder to the environment. Once you have transitioned to driving electric, you are unlikely to turn back. And that investment pays back, saving the average driver thousands of pounds on petrol per year. Jeep and Fiat have both created useful fuel comparison calculators, so you can work out how much you could save in petrol costs with an electric or hybrid car.

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